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Headquarters:U.K.   Founded:2010
Regulators:UK FCA, Seychelles FSA
Trading Platforms:89 safety:AAA Praise:91

average spread   EURUSD1.1、XAUUSD3.1、USOUSD3.9

trading platform:MT4 trading variety:Forex, precious metals, crude oil, indices, commodities, stocks, digital currencies Min Deposit:$100 Min Trade Volume:0.01手 Margin Call Level:50% Max Leverage:1:400 R-mail:CS@ZFX.COM Web Url:
Account Type:STP,ECN,MINI Spread Type:Variable Spread Scalping:YES Hedging:YES EA:YES Deposit :UnionPay、USDT Withdrawal:UnionPay、USDT tel:400-120-1726

main information

trade advantage:The trading environment is smooth, the trading variety is wide, and the various account types are convenient for different groups of people.

Reviews:The current trading environment of ZFX Shanhai Securities is relatively good, the transaction cost is reasonable, and the deposit and withdrawal aspects have been relatively normal, so you can pay due attention

The minimum deposit of micro account is 50 US dollars, the maximum leverage is 2000 times, and the liquidation ratio is 20%

The minimum deposit of STP standard account is 200 US dollars, the maximum leverage is 500 times, and the liquidation ratio is 30%

The minimum deposit of ECN account is 1000 USD, the maximum leverage is 500 times, the handling fee is 7 USD per lot, and the liquidation ratio is 50%

As part of our risk management system, we will reduce the leverage ratio of foreign exchange and precious metal transactions in the ZFX micro-trading account to a maximum of 1:400 before the weekend closes (usually 1 hour before the market closes on Friday). The purpose of the policy is to reduce any abnormal price fluctuations that may occur during low-volume trading hours, which may have an unnecessary impact on the client's transactions. The relevant adjustment will be reset half an hour after the market reopens to restore a higher leverage ratio.

This applies to all existing positions, pending orders and new orders.

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